Policies and Terms of Sale

We have 3-5 litters a year only. We sell to people on waiting list first, so make sure you are on the list to get notified about the availability.


I do not take any deposits till I have a kitten for you and you are sure you want that kitten. The deposit is $500 and it is non-refundable after I receive it. ($500 is not a kitten’s price, it is a fraction of the price)

Kittens and cats are sold with a contract. The signed contract and the deposit are required to reserve a kitten.

TERMS of SALE include:
NO declawing

NO early spay / neuter. If a kitten sold as a pet, you will have to neuter him/spay between 7 and 12 months of age.

Indoor ONLY, you cat is not allowed to roam outside by itself under any circumstances, except it can be taken outside by the owner for a walk ON A LEASH.

No, or minimal vaccinations with KILLED virus vaccine only. If your vet doesn’t offer it, you can buy the vaccine online and take it to the vet to administer.


We raise kittens on natural, species appropriate diet. We feed the best the market cat offer, including organic meats. So, if you buy a kitten from us we require you continue the same. At least 75% of daily diet must be raw (meat, poultry, fish, eggs, etc). Cats are obligatory carnivores, they have to be fed species appropriate diet to be healthy and happy. I am serious about the quality of the foods my cats are fed and WILL be fed when you have them. Feeding an animal that you have in your care is not about saving money but providing species appropriate diet for long and healthy life. Great news that in a long run feeding raw meat and having a healthy cat is CHEAPER than feeding commercial dry kibble foods.


If you are buying a young kitten, I require personal pick up from us in Colorado Springs, CO; or we can meet at the Denver airport where I can deliver your kitten for an additional fee. Sometimes we can ship kittens older than 5 months. This option may be available only to selected kittens with certain personality that are calm and easy going, and may do OK flying alone. If we ship, we waive all our guarantees. A vet exam will be performed before the flight.

Delivery is sometimes available to selected cities and all fees associated with the delivery are paid by the buyer upfront.


We reserve the right to choose who we sell a kitten to. After you send us your initial request for the information, expect to be interviewed or asked specific questions in return. Nothing personal, if we turn you down as a potential buyer, we have our reasons and act in the best interests of all involved.

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT FROM A KITTEN/CAT you get from us: We breed for quality, health, and temperament. Our kittens and cats are companion animals.

All kittens leave our house litter box and scratch-post trained, they eat raw, natural canned and holistic dry food, get along with other cats and usually well socialized. I provide advice and reasonable support for as long as you own your kitty. When you pick up your kitten, you can purchase a starter supply pack from me, which can include dry, canned and raw foods, treats, supplements to mix with raw meat, salmon oil, grooming products, Rescue Remedy and other Bach Flower Remedies for easier transition to a new place; toys, books, etc. I own a pet food store and the supplies come from it. You can SHOP FOR CAT SUPPLIES page.

OUR LOCATION: We are located in Colorado Springs, CO (1 hour drive south of Denver).


If we do not have a kitten for you now, we may later. We have a waiting list. There is no obligation and no deposit is required to be on the waiting list.

Do not hesitate to E-mail me by using the form below, and ask any questions about our cats, kittens and environment they live and grow up; request to be put on the waiting list, or to reserve a kitten.

Natalia’s phone # is 719-650-8481. I speak English and Russian, and I work a lot. Cat breeding is a hobby. When calling, you may have to so leave a message if I do not pick up the phone right away.  Or, you can send a text. Please, specify what breed, color and gender of a kitten you are looking for when making a written inquiry or calling and leave your phone number so I can call you back.

Check out other pages, see photos, and enjoy your visit! Thanks for stopping by!

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