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Adult Cats for Adoption

Adult Cats for Adoption in 2014
Please, note if you want to adopt one of our adult cats:
1/ I  prefer to adopt them out to a home without another adult cat. From my experience, and due to the fact that cats' are very territorial, conflicts may arise. If you already have a cat, consider getting a young kitten (under 6 months of age). A new kitten will not try to claim other cat's territory, and vice versa.
2 / I strongly prefer not to ship my cats, it is a stressful and sometimes dangerous practice. You may have to consider personal pick up.
3/ My cats love company and will do fine with friendly dogs.
4/ Cats are placed with a contract and are not allowed to be bred or declawed. 

If you have other questions, use "Contact Us" link on the left.

1/ Brown tabby Scottish Fold female with folded ears, retired from breeding, spayed.
Sweet, affectionate, mellow, nice temperament. Gets along with other pets, though she is not an active cat and does not play much. Will be a great pet for a family without children or active pets.

2/ Blue Scottish Fold female, retired from breeding.
Very sweet cat, calm, intelligent, affectionate and loves company of humans and other pets.
You may consider adopting her together with another adult cat or a kitten from us.

3/ Lilac tabby female, retired from breeding. Photos are coming.

Recently adopted:
blue British Shorthair female, now lives in TX


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