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Going to a cat show in Estes Park!


We have not done many shows recently. Either I am busy with work, or the shows are too far to drive to.

This time one day show will be on June 18 in Estes Park, CO. Close enough to travel, and no obligations to stay overnight. Great judges, as always. Though we do not need any points for my cats at this time, so I will be bringing two of older kittens for exhibit. Both blue folded ear male and lilac folded ear female are 7 months old, sweet and gorgeous kittens.

I anticipate to meet many cat enthusiasts at the show, and possibly find new loving homes for these two guys.

Hopefully I will have time after the show to browse the downtown as this will be my first visit to Estes Park, can't wait!

For the information on the show follow the link: http://nocoloco.homestead.com/

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